Friday, 8 April 2016

Systech International | Prince Trust | Mark Woodward Smith

Today is very important to keep up with everything, especially in the business world. Time changes almost everything; therefore, if you are step up in front of the others, the success will be there. But, today, beside the good work of the company, there are many other things which are so important to pay attention to. The great rating as a company, the relation with the employees, the attention on upgrading their skills, care for the environment and others are critical to being one of the best companies in the country, region or even better, internationally.

There are many funding organizations that are a good start that may help your company to be a socially responsible company that will take care of the environment and improvement of social factors in a country where it is located. And belief me; this is very important because companies that enjoy this rating is desirable companies. An organization that is worth mentioning and to say something more is The Prince Trust, an organization that has her origins ever since 1976 when The Prince of Wales decided that he must do something that will help the young people in the United Kingdom to improve their lives and get the opportunities they need so much. Therefore, to fulfill his commitment he founded the organization that even today goes after his steps.

Today, forty years after, on their anniversary this organization is happy to say that over than 825 000 young people are living a happier and fuller life due to the help they give to them in the moments when they needed at most. This organization manages to fulfill all this thanks to funding from donations the good people and companies are given as a contribution to this whole process.
This year, on the occasion of the forty anniversary of the founding of this company, is part Systech International, a company that is aiming to raise additional 1 million pounds and help the organization to reach her aims. One of the founders of the company, Mark Woodward-Smith, along with the director Richard Gayton attended the traditional lunch, hosted by Systech International, of the years Prince Trust “Million Pound Challenge”.

Systech International is a company that is international leader specialized in civil engineering, commercial management, power, oil, planning and scheduling, legal, visualizations, training, claims management, risk management, transportation and nuclear areas. The very good thing about this company is the opportunities they give to the young people, which are why, are very appreciated by the Price Trust organization, since that is what they are fighting for. The new technology they are using is helping them to add value to everything they do. The very appreciated is, of course, the visualization team which is part of the company since they are preparing high impact animations that are helping to have a perfect flow of the project delivery.

In this company, there is a team of professionals in each field that guarantee that every project they work on will be done by care, by budget and most importantly, on time. Linking Systech International with this organization is a pretty good job and certainly is something that makes the company more coveted and valued by society. Young people will receive will and hope that there is justice in the world and that one day they will get what they deserve. A number of talents will get the opportunity to break out of the area and contribute to creating a better environment. So if you have an opportunity, follow their example and donate.

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